A letter to Jim Comey,


Dear Jim,

Your brave face as of late is truly heartening, I know Bob (Mueller) is looking everywhere and has assured you that he will find something at some point. I mean, show me the man and I’ll show you the crime right? Who said that, well, doesn’t matter.

You tried your best, I know Brennan and Clapper and you went through everything you could get your hands on and.. nothing. That miscreant buffoon must have something we can get him on? I know the idea John (Podesta) brought up looked promising, hey if you can’t find it maybe you can just make it up but that didn’t pan out either, so sorry. I mean you got Bob’s (Orr) wife working with Simpson, there had to be something there. I know that Valerie (Jarrett)and Ben (Rhodes) were counting on you guys to get something and you did your best.

I know you thought that cretin wouldn’t win the election, but he did. Stepping up to pull a J. Edgar on him (like what happened to Kennedy) backfired. He really was that stupid, I mean what you had was nothing but there had to be something, somewhere, right? I mean look at the Clintons and the Bushes, there is always something. Go back to the first paragraph, show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. You got fired for trying to J.Edgar that beast, it was a blow for the whole operation. You were the one counted on to keep him in his place until John could do some ‘wet work’ on the goon and get a few women to claim Pense raped them.

Now the end game has come and the assurances from Valerie about support to the bitter end are hopeful but, you know they will let you sink if they have to protect themselves. Those FISA deals are very ‘problematic’ but hey, you’ve already lied to congress multiple times and leaked government documents to the press so even Diane (Fienstien) will call for your head. John is promising a lot, but hasn’t delivered the coup or the dead president as of yet. Seems the Clinton name is losing it’s luster in the DC area. I hear the Speaker is thinking of letting Nunes jail people for contempt of congress again, it’s in the law, go look. Boy, that would be big trouble, I know. I guess the last option is to destroy all the records about this but as you know, that never works.

Well, good luck old boy, you’re going to need it. That dirty barbarian has you and your friends by the huevos and is about to squeeze, really hard. Even the NYT will have a hard time explaining this to their ever-shrinking readership. I hear it’s not bad at Club Fed, better hope they don’t room you with Michael Flynn!

With Deepest Respect, Your Comrade

Dimitri Kissov

P.S. I’m singing the anthem now, knowing full well Comrade Beria would award you’re the highest award for Political Weasel, the distinguished Comrade Dzerzhinsky award for trying!


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